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Prime Contractor Data Upload

As part of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Availability Study, the Study consultant, Colette Holt & Associates (CHA) needs confirmation of contracting information for prime and subcontractor/sub-consultant level activity for all of the contracts identified for your firm.  This information may be provided in the most convenient method for your firm. We thank you for your cooperation and attention to this request.

To ensure accurate and timely reporting on the contracts identified for your firm, these instructions will help you determine the information needed, the format that best meets your needs for capturing this information and the method that works best for you to deliver the collected files and documents to Colette Holt & Associates (CHA).  You may download a printable copy of these instructions by clicking this link.

Determine what data to provide

The information that CHA is collecting is for the contracts identified for your firm in the original email from CHA.  We included the contract numbers, description, dates and award amount to help you identify the contracts referenced.  The actual data is defined in the “Detailed Explanation of Required Data” section of the download instructions.  This data must be provided regardless of the method you used to gather and report it.

Formats for the Information

Please note that the provision of this data is your affirmation that all information is complete and accurate to your knowledge.

Electronic Delivery

You may deliver the requested information in one of the following formats:

  • Export the data from your own systems in a flat-file format (e., Excel or comma-delimited text file)
  • Complete the downloadable Excel Spreadsheet for prime and subcontractor data (if applicable)
  • Complete the downloadable PDF Form (one form for each contract and each subcontractor)
  • Provide the information in some other electronic format that is convenient to you (e., MS Word document)

Template Files for download:

Naming Convention for files:

  • If you are uploading an excel sheet or other single file with multiple contracts listed, please use your business name as the filename (e.g., ColetteHolt_Associates.xlsx)
  • If you are providing separate fillable forms for each contract, then please be sure to include the contract number along with the name of the firm to differentiate the files (e.g., ColetteHolt_Associates_00001.pdf, ColetteHolt_Associates_00002.pdf).

Upload Options

Upload Directly from this page

Upload the file(s) using this secure upload page (instruction for doing this are shown below)

Upload Instructions

To use the Upload Form, please follow these instructions:

    1. Click “Choose File” and select the file from your computer.
    2. Enter your email address.
    3. Click “Upload”
    4. To up load additional files, after the file upload click “Upload another file” link and repeat steps 1-3.
    5. When you are done with all your files, you can simply close the web browser.

NOTE: If you have any issues with data upload, please contact our technical support resources at

Email Instructions

Attach the files and send an email to

Hardcopy Delivery

If you are unable to deliver the files electronically or prefer to send hardcopy information, please send it to this address:

Colette Holt & Associates
c/o RTA Availability Study
6114 LaSalle Avenue, #406
Oakland, CA 94611